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We are the lead of fashion with our exclusive brands

We had managed to trends every sector in which we operate with our exclusive brands.

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Kids Pyjamas
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Unique Products
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Creative Fashion Design

Our designs that give direction to fashion met with creative thinking. Thus, we have also become permanent when determining fashion.

Exact Inventory Info

We exactly know numbers of our products in our warehouses. You will not experience inventory complexity with instantly updated stock status.

Fast Shipping with Low Costs

One of the most important fact in E-Commerce is speed. With this awareness, we deliver your orders to our contracted shipping companies on the same day and reduce your costs.

Expert Support

Our expert team will assist you in solving a potential problem, from software to logistics operations, and you will be able to focus only on managing your business.

Production in Turkey

In Turkey, we have our factories in Istanbul, Konya and Yalova. The production is entirely managed by us. We are also a large family of nearly 300 people.

Customer-Oriented Return Policy

With our customer-oriented return policy, you will experience easy return processes as you have never experienced before. Our customers should be feel free about returns.

You can increase your sales by cooperating with a company who is really experienced and knows the dynamics of sectors your interested.

Unique Products

We are generous about products. Have almost 4K unique products and variations of them.

Exclusive Brands

All of them leader and famous in the own sectors.

Best Prices for B2B

We give the best prices to products for B2B. In this way, you could make a difference in the retail business.

Worldwide Shipping

You can make difference in the world with our exclusive brands, no matter where you are.

Our Exclusive Brands

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We are ready to partnership with our exclusive brands. 

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