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Anıl Lingerie

Anıl Lingerie is one of Turkey’s oldest and most famous underwear brand, has a history stretching from 1980’s to today. First times of Anıl Lingerie’s production only in a small textile workshop in Istanbul, Turkey at the moment with the production capacity of 3 large factories and warehouses in general continues to increase with each passing day.

Turkey’s current fashion and creative-based with the goal of becoming a pioneer continues in this way with confident steps and maintain sustainability. Products of Anıl Lingerie meet consumers in about 25 different countries around the world.

Piaff Networking

Anıl Lingerie, which has made for itself with its praise in many countries of the world, takes a step to for the retail sector directly with the brand of Piaff Networking, while at the same time it offers job opportunities in the retail. 

Piaff Networking provides its representatives with jobs, careers, earnings and courses opportunities, thus contributes to their lives, to society and the country’s economy.

Piaff Networking, which made a nice introduction to the sector with its first catalog in 2011, continuing its growth and development. With its over 100,000 representatives in the retail sales channel, it has become known in the clothing and fashion industry.

Lingabooms gecelik katalog


Lingabooms, not a long established brand. They have attracted attention on many country in a short time, especially with pyjamas and nightwears. Has become a globally popular brand. The successful creative fashion designs, it has reached the consumers in a very short time. 

Mission of Lingabooms is to ensure the success by providing permanence and provide trends to the people.


Goldenbay has been serving with success in men’s underwear with the 10 yearly experience. Their collections is fully quality and comfort oriented. The brand which is have too many product, they are thinked all required details for the men underwear. Every products created with careful productions.

goldenbay katalog
lady eleni

Lady Eleni

Lady Eleni was established in 2001 as one of the fastest growing brands of underwear sector. The brand, continues on women’s underwear production with almost 20 years of experience. They has achieved significant success with creative style and high quality products. 

Lady Eleni carries out its production in Istanbul and exports its products to different countries such as France, England, Greece and Ukraine.


Gallipoli, comes to the playground with its unique product designs, especially in sportswear. Although it is a local brand, it has not been difficult to reach large masses. Fashion designs continue to move forward with confident steps by attracting the attention worldwide.

The brand, which started its production life in 1990, generally exports its products worldwide.



Ecopia is a successful brand in cleaning and hygiene equipments. The brand appealing to local customers has started to be active in the global market. 

Unlike traditional cleaning brands, Ecopia exhibits a slightly different approach, while keeping hygiene in the firstly, and undergoing tough quality control checks considering its human health.